We’re David’s English Center in Taipei, Taiwan.

As the professional English learning school for more than 35 years, we’ve provided English learning programs to all level of ages and professionals.

I hope you’re happy and well! One good thing that’s come out of the past couple of years is that we’ve really experienced the power the digital world has to connect people. It has really made us think about how David’s family, past and present, can impact lives. That’s why we’ve decided to create an online platform to connect teachers and learners. Our platform won’t be limited to English teaching. We want teachers to share their talents and passions, whatever those may be, in whatever way they choose. As long as our teachers have something to share, we want to match them with students who want to learn. We’ll offer teachers the ability to design their own classes and set their own hours, prices, and class sizes for each of the classes they teach, as well as deciding which students to admit to their classes; all we’ll do is add a flat platform fee to the amount the student pays. If this is something you think you might be interested in, I’d love for you to join us!