● Anna 大衛美語 好有樂趣!

Hi, everyone. I’m Anna. I’ve been studying English at David’s for three months and I enjoy the process of practicing English.

Can you imagine, learning English can also be fun! Because in David’s, there are a lot of excellent teachers and a fine environment to learn, moreover, there are only 8-15 students per class, in other words, everyone has many chances to practice speaking、conversation and even writing. Since I’ve learned to speak English here, I find that I am more confident of speaking English! Even if I say something wrong, the teachers never scold me; they always encourage me to go on and try again.

I took the TOEIC exam on 25/4 and got a good grade! I appreciate all the teachers of David’s who help me to learn to listen and understand English.

Today I want to invite you to join us-here at David’s –to improve your ability in English and have fun!