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English conversation for beginners:
Courage to speak! At David’s English Center, we emphasize that after learning English, you should be able to speak and use English in daily life. Whether you have studied English and want to regain your memory, you lack the courage to speak to foreigners, or you haven’t learned English well after many years, practice to learn solid basic English.
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English conversation
Day to Day English
English Social Skills Class
No need to fear speaking English in a crowd! Need to speak English? Always caught off guard? In this course, you will learn how to use the English you have learned to express ideas. You will build confidence through simulation training in various social situations. You will learn to show your English skills at the right time. You will perfect the best response methods.
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Business English
Elementary Office English
Speak in the office! English is commonly used in many workplaces. These lessons will be tailored to meet the needs of students' workplaces. Based on students’ ability levels, we will create appropriate English environments. We will help students learn to communicate with colleagues and customers. We will utilize an interactive learning approach. English ability often helps in increasing one’s salary, successfully transferring jobs, and enhancing competitiveness.
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Grammar and Writing
Basic English Grammar
Make sentences more complete! English grammar is immortal, and language is a cultural manifestation. Students learn to understand Western culture and improve English grammar. This way, they will have flexibility in how they use English so that their speaking and writing are more natural and smooth.
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